Introducing Clara, baby session

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I first met Phil and Jen at a wedding last year, I later found out we have mutual friends in common and was very excited when they asked me to photograph baby Clara! This adorable little one week old bundle is such a cutie! I don’t think she fussed once in all the different ways we positioned her. Congratulations to Phil and Jen on little Clara, it was my pleasure to photograph her, she is beautiful.















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Carolyn and Matthew, downtown Albany, 90 State Street

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So much fun with Carolyn and Matt in downtown Albany on St. Patrick’s day for their wedding! I know Carolyn’s family from her sister Christine’s wedding and I enjoyed getting to know Matt and his family too! Suzanne my assistant and I had so much fun with Carolyn and Matt. They were troopers because St. Patrick’s day was cloudy and a little rainy in downtown Albany. This did not stop Carolyn, Matt or their wedding party from going out having fun! Katie O. events was there to help every step of the way, even holding umbrella’s for the ladies! Mazzone catering was awesome at 90 State St, T’s Ensemble kept the music and party going until late and Lipstick and Lashes did the hair and make-up! I want to thank the Miller family and Shiel family for such a fun day. You guys really did go for it even with the drizzle and you two made beautiful images! Thank you from Linda Conley Photography!

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  1. Debra Bailey
    Mar 31, 2015

    These are great classic photographs! Nice job !

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Melinda and Kelly, Downtown Albany, 60 State Street

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Melinda and Kelly were married in February with a reception to follow at 60 State Street in Albany.  The day had light fluffy flakes falling and that made for beautiful pictures. With a fun and out going wedding party the day was filled with laughs! Vinny from Non Stop music kept the dance floor rocking. LaRose media was on video the flowers were from Price Chopper and Birch Hill did the catering. Thank you to Melinda and Kelly and the entire family and wedding party it was an amazing day and congratulations!





















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Guest Post, Wedding’s, Baby session’s and dog pics!

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Today we are doing something a little different. I asked my clients to email me a photo from the event I photographed for them! I received engagement pictures, dog photos, wedding’s and a baby session! Let’s start!
1.) B78A3765-2
Rob and Jess were married at The Crooked Lake House, the ceremony was at the same location and she got ready at The Crooked Lake House as well. They did a first look and we did 95% of the formals before the ceremony. Later in the evening we went out to do some night shots on the lake. This was the result!
2.) IMG_1205-3
Now we have Katie and Dan married at The Gideon Putnam. The ceremony was not at The Gideon but we did a first look beforehand at The Gideon. ( With Dave Matthews playing at SPAC) It was perfect, I loved the laid back energy of Katie, Dan and the entire wedding party! On the way in after finishing up outside formals I saw the phone booth and thought it was perfect. I asked them to sit in it and be saucy! Love it!
3.) image2-2
Here is an oldie! Caryn and Greg were married in 2011. The ceremony was at a local golf course. The ceremony was outside and we did not do a first look. We did the majority of the photos afterward and this was one of the last photographs of the formals. I am pretty sure I used my Nikon for this!
4.) IMG_8399
We now have Rob and Lindsay’s engagement photo at Washington Park. I met Lindsay and Rob at a bridal show and we clicked! I love the fun personality and go for it attitude of the two of them!
5.) IMG_0820
Erika and Steve in downtown Albany in the rain. The reception was at The State Room and it was a rainy day. We made the best of it and created this gem!
6.) IMG_1646
We now have a dog photo session. Christy and Lorrie were married in 2008 and have called me almost yearly since for family pictures.This session is a special one, they adopted Nadia recently and saved her from the pound, to shortly after discover she is ill. They wanted special photos of her and what a doll! Thank you for choosing me!
7.) IMG_9249
I met Amanda few years ago at The Glen Sander’s Mansion, shortly after that I photographed her friends wedding at The State Room and met her partner Sean. I love the two of them, they are fun and easy going! Here is a sample of the newborn session!
8.) IMG_5468
Here is a downtown Albany wedding picture! Shannen and Donnie had a great day for outside pictures under the capital, I love this little reminds me of a keyhole! Thanks to Tom from The State Room for helping wight eh dress!
9.) IMG_2095-2
I believe this is one of my favorite dog photos of all time. We are at Washington park at an engagement session. Kim and Don brought the lovely Tyson! He was so well behaved and perfect in this announcement photo.
10.) IMG_5455_4x6
My last photo to chat about! Denise and Dan at Orchard Creek golf course and had a lovely day. I will let Denise tell you the rest!
Event – Wedding
Date – October 11, 2014
Venue – Orchard Creek Golf Club, Altamont NY
Bride & Groom: Denise & Dan Williams

Dan and I met in college and dated for a solid 9 years before getting engaged (10 years before getting married). While we share a lot of similar interests (traveling, games, concerts, wine tasting, karaoke, animals) we also embrace each other’s differences which helps keep our relationship strong and exciting. We chose to have a wedding in the fall because of the beautiful foliage colors and crisp, fresh air. Also, fall is my favorite season!!! The venue was decided upon because it was a golf course (Dan loves to golf) and also has apple trees on the premises (apple picking is my favorite thing to do in the fall). So it was the perfect blend of two of our favorite pastimes. The magnificent views looking toward Thatcher Park at that time of year also sealed the deal! We couldn’t have asked for a better day – the weather was perfect, the sun was shining, our vendors were so professional and a pleasure to work with and we shared the most important day of our lives with our family and friends. It was a great way to start the next chapter of our lives together and will forever be a day that we cherish!

The photos that you took are phenomenal and capture the day so well – We are truly grateful for your time and energy in photographing the best day of our lives!

Thanks everyone for contributing! Linda Conley Photography

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  1. Christy
    Mar 22, 2015

    Thank you so much for including Nadia in your blog. It was a sweet surprise to see her there. Nadia is doing well. She turned ten today. We are enjoying every minute we have with her.

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Linda Conley Photography

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Hey! I have just returned from two wonderful weeks in Costa Rica with Suzanne. The break from life is always a refreshing and exciting time. Wandering around, going where we want, having no plans or reservations just waiting to see where the day would take us. More often then not the ocean, welcoming 90 degree days offering an escape from the Upstate Ny winter. We spent time not he Pacific coast and also the Carribean side, Puerto Vielo to be exact. Definitely our favorite spot. Super chill laid back, surfer vibe with no cares, it was awesome. When traveling a lot of people bring fancy cameras and thats cool, but I am on vacation! In addition I have to keep my equipment safe and the beach in a tourist area is not high on the list for safety with electronics. Petty theft does happen and I cannot chance it- plus it is an opportunity for me to go way outside the box. Film camera with a 25 year old Canon with a manual focus 50mm 1.4- sounds fun to me! So this is what I brought- I took about 40 images, way less then I would have with digital and I did not have to worry about someone stealing it, lol. This Canon was my first camera, what I learned on, at the time I did not realize how lucky I was to work at a lab, printing my own images from film and learning piece by piece about how photography works. I was also lucky to have bought a 50 1.4 even though it is manual focus ;). When I have the images scanned I will post a few but for now a few of my images taken with this camera way back when the square pics are from a Holga 120 film camera. Hope you enjoy a few of my personal work photos! I cannot wait to get back to work and see all of you on your day! Maybe I will even bring a film camera for a few pics! Thank you from Linda Conley Photography!







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