Meg and Chris had me photograph their wedding in 2014 and do their engagement pictures. I loved the two of them right away. Such nice sweet people. I believe we all had a blast taking pictures together and I was thrilled two years later when they asked me to do their maternity pictures. Meg informed me she was due very soon and we scrambled to get a day that would work for everyone before the baby came. We schedule the maternity session the day after she was due. I know! When I saw her I was like really? This is you at 9 months+. Wow! Meg was super chill about all of it and seemed in great spirits – we decided I would do the newborn sessions too. That was about two weeks later. Beautiful little Caroline was born and when she was a week old we did her pictures. Congratulations on your little family you guys and thank you for having me at all your special events!

Introducing Caroline!